South african train crash kills 19 children in South Africa http://en

South african train crash kills 19 children in South Africa

11th of December 1999

The UN released the following statement:

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization condemned today’s mass killing on a passenger train in South Africa.

The victims in the killing were all girls between two and ten years of age and some were as young as seven years old. Some were killed instantly and others gospelhitzwere taken to medical facilities.

On Thursday morning, around 200 people were kil바카라led when a South African train carrying more than 2000 passengers was hit by an axe outside Johannesburg.

The accident happened on a suburban train near Port Elizabeth. Most passengers were either injured or killed.

The victims were killed as they took part in the train’s route through Cape Town and around Cape Town.

They were walking along a route that included a train stop when they were killed.

This tragedy has shocked all who knew them and is a great blot on peace of mind.

A statement by the UN Secretary-General:

To the members of South Africa:

On December 11th 1999, at approximately 20:00, the ANC and its party (the Alliance of Democratic Alliance) had a press conference at the Gauteng Police Office.

During the press conference, President Nelson Mandela and his wife Mrs. Margaret (the Prime Minister) announced the first details of their plans to return the ANC to power after 25 years.

They presented a list of measures which must be implemented within 90 days in order for the ANC to return to power in South Africa.

On the other side of the table was the President’s mother. She was asked whether her brother’s legacy was still in question.

“Yes. I don’t believe in leaving my legacy in those dark days when my father had almost become dead of cancer.

“But my concern is what can be done for that generation that doesn’t have an opportunity to live up to the expectations of their forefathers.

“That is a generation who have failed the South African people.

“My hope is that, if they do not live up to those expectations, their future is in the hands of the ANC.”

All the 우리카지노party’s ministers and senior officials were present.

We will go forward together and bring all aspects of our national development policy back to a responsible point that can brin